Raincoat Dark Red


It is obviously awfully nice when you can cycle to work every morning.But if you're living in a country where it rains quite often, than that sporty ride in the open air is a lot less attractive.After all, you do not want to appear at the office like a drowned cat every day.

The Amsterdam based label Maium concocted a superb solution to this problem.The founders launched a limited edition lightweight raincoat, which can be transformed into a cool poncho by two zippers on both sides of the garment.What also makes the jacket extra special is that it is composed of recycled plastic with (PU) Polyurethane Coating. So agood thing for the environment!

Maium will keep on renewing its sustainable collection rain gear for cyclists.
The raincoat as defined above is a unisex one.Available in colours black, off-white, navy, pink and army green.

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