Gina Black Vintage Push-up Jeans

Cup Of Joe is a denim label that's known for its affordability for thirty years. COJ takes its inspiration from the delicate, often small things in life. Since jeans are part of our daily existence, we need to enjoy them as much as our usual cup of coffee. That's the idea behind it.

Whether you want a vintage, a well-worn indigo or sleek black jeans - prefarably one that you can wear day and night - there's always a style that bears your name. The new COJ collection has again been expertly designed and crafted for a full range of fits. From skin-tight skinnies to relaxed boyfriend cuts, it's all there. 

The Gina belongs to the first category; it's a skinny with a low waist and push-up fit. The white denim defines a silhouette of feminity and a great look on the curves.

Combine the Gina with a long button down blouse (preferably tartan) or feminine tunic, and finish it with cool cowboy boots.

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